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Silos : Effective Tool to Kill Customer Experience

Business Line Silos:

We have seen large enterprise firms falling in love with their business / product lines. These business lines have their own P&L / sales staff. When they meet customers, they have no background of their commitments / deliveries across other units.

Buying journey is painful and as customers, we don’t even understand, who is responsible for what. Add to that there are roles like practice head, regional leader, product manager, digital head…. Complex set of hierarchies… At times, we get calls from all sections of the same organisation for the deal, giving different offers.

Value chain Silos

– Typically sales team is contactable / reachable till the deal is done… and then it moves to delivery teams… As a customer, when you call Sales team (incase they pickup), you get answers like “XYZ is responsible now”… When you call XYZ, mostly answers are unsatisfactory. Simply meaning that internal clarity is yet not available within the organisation… Work post Go Live is even more interesting.

Ironically, same companies share insights on “customer centricity”, “customer journey”, “omnichannel platforms”…

Time for everyone to realign and focus on customer experience….ave details of the platforms to be setup.

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