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Why Digital Channels are still not allowing Address Change?

I spent nearly 90 minutes today visiting a bank branch for address change for myself and my family.

Cumulative wastage in the process is given below:

– I lost 45 minutes traveling and 45 minutes in filling multiple forms & submitting (I am slow!!!). I signed 6 times…

– Branch officer wasted nearly 8 minutes handling my case and signed 6 times (3 on the forms and 3 on my receipts)

– 3 large address change forms were wasted

– 3 separate copies were taken of my PAN card (for self and for my daughter’s minor account)

What will happen next?

– Address change forms would be bundled and couriered to a regional centre in the city

– These forms will then travel to Processing Centre in Another city.

– After opening the envelopes, the forms would be distributed for data entry

– Data entry would be done followed by checking by couple of senior folks

Expected time: 7 days

Expected result: 95% accurate and 5% inaccurate (in which case I have to travel back to their branch)

BTW I have to change address in multiple banks / Utilities. This would mean nearly 10 times more wastage…

Simpler solutions exist to reduce the customer friction.

We need Digital Transformation – Simple Nimble Real… Frugal Too!!!

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