I spent nearly 90 minutes today visiting a bank branch for address change for myself and my family.

Cumulative wastage in the process is given below:

– I lost 45 minutes traveling and 45 minutes in filling multiple forms & submitting (I am slow!!!). I signed 6 times…

– Branch officer wasted nearly 8 minutes handling my case and signed 6 times (3 on the forms and 3 on my receipts)

– 3 large address change forms were wasted

– 3 separate copies were taken of my PAN card (for self and for my daughter’s minor account)

What will happen next?

– Address change forms would be bundled and couriered to a regional centre in the city

– These forms will then travel to Processing Centre in Another city.

– After opening the envelopes, the forms would be distributed for data entry

– Data entry would be done followed by checking by couple of senior folks

Expected time: 7 days

Expected result: 95% accurate and 5% inaccurate (in which case I have to travel back to their branch)

BTW I have to change address in multiple banks / Utilities. This would mean nearly 10 times more wastage…

Simpler solutions exist to reduce the customer friction.

We need Digital Transformation – Simple Nimble Real… Frugal Too!!!


  1. Anand Srinivasan

    HDFC and ICICI bank allow for online updation of address…But not all…Surprising that the institutions are happy to send communication to old address even after rejecting change of address for a flimsy reasons. My insurer, ICICI lombard couldnt accept registered L&L agreement as proof and asked for elec bill additionally in my name (Tried explaining to them that in rental houses, the elec meter continues in name of owner and not of tenant, but to no avail). So, i found it easier to switch insurers than change address.

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