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What would be the role of humans in Banks of the future?

What would be the role of humans in Banks of the future?

As we look at evolving business models and customer expectations, we believe that Banking (or any Financial Service) would completely move to customer self onboarding and self-servicing. The entire framework would be supported by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (and other technologies), and everything from marketing to sales to credit to ops would get automated.

In such a situation, the key role played by bankers would be in the following areas:

– Creation and Support of these powerful platforms (google has so many smart folks working innovation, despite all the automation…)

– Exception management would be the main area for bankers across Marketing / Sales / Credit / Ops. Each transaction/lead/collection case that may be moved out of the automated process would have to be handled by experts. There would be a need for high-end experts for resolving these exceptions and taking decisions.

What do you think?

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