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Setting up a Fintech Bank within a Bank (or NBFC)

Most banks are facing new set of competitors in India (and across the world) in the form of payment banks, small finance banks, new age NBFCs and Fintechs. Interestingly, the initial impact is limited as of now as the Tsunami is taking time to build up. Banks are currently reacting by doing Fintech tie-ups, launching standalone wallets, improving customer journey.

I believe that one of the best approach would be to setup a parallel Digital Bank within the bank, which should be run as a Fintech.

Mandate of Fintech Bank

– Create engaging customer journeys thru innovative and fully digital products and services

– Showcase profitability thru Digital

– Create digital culture in the bank

Org structure & Team

– The CEO of the Fintech Bank should be directly reporting to the CEO of the bank

– 50 to 80 member team (mix of in-house and external resources)


– Selected deposit and loan products (at best 2 each)

– Digital customer journey from onboarding to exit


– 9 to 12 months

I believe that if this initiative is run well, it will rebaseline the bank from customer’s perspective as well as internal perspective.

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