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Reset your Career- Rejig the Growth

We are in the midst of one of the worst crises human history would have ever seen, and it yet to evolve from here. COVID-19 has an unprecedented impact across human life, be it family life, job, business, entertainment, travel, every aspect of life. Since there is no clarity on the end, we are not sure how things will shape when normalcy arrives. One thing is more or less clear that things will not be the same again ever.

In this article, I will try to look at Job side of transition. Businesses across segments will be severely affected as it was anyways earlier saddled with the sluggish economy and then added with lockdowns across countries. Some companies have figured out to operate out in this period, and some jobs able to manage its fort to be functioning & in demand. As most of the jobs are struggling to be relevant, companies have started to plan for lay-offs and cutting salaries across the board. The pain and associated transition will vary on its scale depending upon the duration of revival.

In this stage, it is critical to look closely at scenarios that we may unravel during the next two to six months period.

Companies may excel its business as soon as things get better: Many companies may find demands for its services as soon as people step out of home in a phased manner.

Companies may cease to exist or curtail their business: On the other hand, many businesses may not be able to sustain this period of uncertainty and may be closed down if the lockdown period gets extended. In the absence of any demand for their services, they may start cutting down operations and slowly shut down it entirely if it goes beyond their survival limit.

Companies may take time to get back to normal: In between the above two scenarios, hopefully, the majority may fall into this space where they will exist for sure, but they will be crippled to the core. These businesses would take their own sweet time to recovery depending upon damages its core business has got and time is taken by the whole segment to restore.


All the above scenarios will have severe repercussions on the job prospect of individuals and also will affect their career. All as individuals have been lockdown and working from home to be part of organizational survival. Some of them may be actively busy, while some may be entirely left out to be part of the core business. Still, all will be going to be aloof from the bigger picture which mostly senior management will be aware of it. If not all, then most of us would be heading towards uncertainty and find on the wrong side of the career path.

So, it is crucial to start planning your career at this moment so that you will be geared up to handle whatever uncertainty has thrown at you. Below are some of the moves which one may look at while planning to reshape a career.

Start building collaterals or Source Code: You may find yourselves either at work or with less work. So, you may plan to build collaterals or documents which may be needed to improve the functions or operations of your business. This activity will help to enhance your knowledge as well will create value for the organization. If you are part of the technology team, then collaborate among teams and build solutions to add productivity or improve processes.

Reskill yourselves: If you are not learning, you are not changing yourself. It is high time to look and assess skills demand as per the market and get enrolled in online courses. There are various excellent online courses available across business & technology segments. You may need to go ahead, map a relevant course to your career, and get enrolled. You may also look to completely transitioned yourself to different skills and be ready for the market. For example, many bankers may find it challenging to have their regular job, can they plan out their readiness for the market with skill on Open Banking.

Engage and improve your networking: Today, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp may be flooded with information related to COVID but those may not help you much with career guidance & prospects. So, this may be time to take care of your professional network on LinkedIn, Twitter, and get started engaging with the right set of people with the right set of contents.

Make yourself aware of market and technology dynamics: Right set of market updates through news, blogs will help you to be in line with market demands. So, it is vital to keep yourself updated on market news and analysis. You may like to go for a subscribed news portal where you get a useful review of market events as well you may wish to enroll for various online webinars, podcasts.

Time is now to assess your career, plan out our career path, and rejig your growth story. Do whatever you would like to, go ahead and reset your career.

Shashank Shekhar

Head of Consulting, The Digital Fifth

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