When we study in schools and colleges, our parents review and control our progress. While we work and progress, we look at them for guidance.

However, once you enter corporate world, parents take their eyes off you. As a person, you start looking at your organisation taking care of you and your career. In current era, this approach is suicidal.

I suggest few suggestions for building successful careers:

– Be ready to learn / Be aware of market changes / Read Self help books

– Work across streams: In my life, I never worked in Sales and Marketing (despite majoring in Marketing in XLRI). This was a mistake as I did not learn how to sell (as simple as that). In a bank, I believe successful employees would have worked across technology / credit / sales / finance.

– Work is Worship: This is the best approach to create massive impact and work in difficult conditions.  After taking job as just a job for first few years of my life, I changed my approach. Things changed for the better.

– Create value disproportionately higher than your salary

– Don’t expect 9 to 5 job

– Avoid naysayers / Embrace achievers

– Don’t be silent – Ensure that right folks know what you did

– Create your own personal identity



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