Till 2015, bank teams from Mumbai used to travel to other locations in India for finding Fintech partners..   In last 18 months, things have changed dramatically…

Mumbai is now gaining ground to become Fintech hub of India and has everything aligned to be the Fintech Hub of India. Almost all the banks and good number of NBFCs are based out of Mumbai. Tech hubs like Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad are a short flight away. Local tech talent is getting ready for the excitement ahead.

Continuous addition of co-working spaces is simplifying life of startups. Investment community is helping the cause in a big way.

In next couple of years, Mumbai will take its rightful place as Fintech Hub of Asia. I believe with concerted effort across Government, Banks, Investment Community, Fintechs, this happen by 2019….

What do you think? What needs to be done by each stakeholder to make this happen?

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