As an underpinning of any revolution, education system needs to be aligned to focus on that area. As we work on making Mumbai “The Fintech Hub of Asia”, there is a massive need for educating the industry partners as well as students on Fintech.

We have started our journey to support this bigger cause by taking few baby steps:

–          Fintech course: Thanks to powerful initiative by Madam Anuja Agarwal,  I have started Fintech course for MBA – Tech students of NMIMS Mukesh Patel School of Tech Mgmt. I believe that this first step will create ripple effect across education institutions and will create new job opportunities.

– The Digital Fifth Fintech Masterclass: This is an industry focused Fintech session, where we organise 2 day workshop with experts. Participants from banking, insurance, consulting, software etc. join these sessions. First two sessions have been a big success with participants traveling from across the country and creating surreal learning environment.

– The Digital Fifth Fintech Podcast: We are creating podcasts with Industry experts on Fintech. These podcasts are meant to simplify Fintech concepts for everyone.

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