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Core Banking Platforms – Disruption Ahead?

Having implemented multiple core platforms including core banking, lending, payments, treasury, I believe that the  time is ripe for disruption ahead in this field… When banks are getting pushed ahead by digital, these platforms are becoming a deterrent.

Most of these platforms (not all) are

–  Complex to implement

– Challenging to upgrade

– Expensive

– Not amenable for quick change

– Slow to provide APIs

These platforms have pushed the banks forward in last 2 decades… But the expectations for next five years are:

– Low cost of acquisition

– Short period of implementation

– Quick and simple upgrade

– API and multichannel ready

– Low complexity in front offices and back offices

– Smart (AI / ML ready)

– Auto recon etc

Nymbus Leveris Mambu  Finxact are providing core banking on cloud….

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