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BHIM Pe Credit – A Suggestion for Financial Revolution

UPI is a revolutionary payment in India, which is finally taking off with explosive growth. This platform can be used for online payments as well as collections. UPI platform can further be enhanced to incorporate lending requests, which are currently getting built on individual P2P platforms. Simple EMI products can be built on Top of UPI Platform.

Flow may look like:

– Customer (Borrower) can request for loan (collect request) along with interest rate range possible (based on his credit score etc)

– Lender (Individual as well as Financial Institutions) can see the request along with Customer’s credit score / alternate credit score along with interest rate

– Recipient can accept or reject the loan

Acceptance flow:

– EMI will be generated and money would be paid / collected through UPI

Rejection flow:

– Customer should be able to send request to loan to another person

While NPCI can offer APIs for basic lending products and processing, various providers can enrich them with external data… The customer as well as lender can see the ratings of each other.


P2P lending can be made simple and available to millions on existing UPI framework.

Lending needs to get simpler and without forms for sure.



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