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Banks / NBFCs can be disrupted by Fintechs… What about consulting?

In last couple of years, we have seen massive strides by Fintechs in disrupting Banks / NBFCs. I personally believe that the next phase would be about co-opetition, where partnership as well as competition will prevail.

However, when it comes to consulting, we have not seen the arrival of new age Digital Consulting. It has largely remained the same with same firms working on Digital transformations.

For last few decades, technology was considered by consulting firms as NON CORE to the business and at all costs “To Be Outsourced”. Organisations worked on this philosophy and decimated in-house systems / IT units by outsourcing the entire systems. Fintechs have used the same technology at much lower costs to create new business models.

Its time to rethink digital consulting.

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