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As a banker, I keep asking myself “Am I relevant?”

The banking industry is going through a major shift, with many roles getting redundant and many new ones getting created. As a fellow banker, are you focusing on winning in this ever-shifting world?

– Technological interventions are impacting banking jobs in marketing, sales, operations, credit, and even tech. Are you aware of these changes?

– Newer skills are entering business like digital lending, digital payments, data science, RPA, API. If you learn these, you would be ahead of the curve. Have you created a goal sheet to align with newer skills?

– Most of the corporates have organization structure, which expects you to be a specialist in one area. Do you think your current role will be relevant after 5 years? Key question is that “Is your career built by you or your organization?”

I am exploring these aspects in practical terms in Fintech Masterclass, which is relevant for bankers, insurance experts, fintech, and many more. And as part of the journey, I am learning to become relevant for the future.

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