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Open Banking

API Banking : Is it tech or business?

APIs have always been considered the tech thing. Every discussion on integration ends as  “Yeh to Technical hai…”

If as a business guy, you still think so, be ready to get disrupted. Some facts.

– Origination of loans from lending Fintechs to banks is through APIs.

– All payments like IMPS, UPI, NEFT are processed thru APIs.

– Bill Payments are thru APIs

– AADHAAR and CIBIL check are APIs

From requirement to detailed specs to testing, everything is business… even error handling…

APIs are going to rule… if you are in the product team, sales team, business services group, or ops, you may have to start understanding the new language of business. Act now…


  1. APIs are the interfaces where one technical module interacts with another module, which generally is through some data sharing in the required format.. It can be within an integrated system, or maybe between 2 or more independent systems.. But in any context where things are built using technologies, APIs have been and will always be important.. But not sure if "Rule" is the right word, as API is very generic tech word and depends on the architect of the platforms..
  2. ha ha, that's very true. APIs are being looked upon as technical by many of us. however there is nothing technical without business. APIs at the end need to drive the user experience and hence act as a catalysts towards user adoption. Monetizing APIs will be the future.
    • Rightly said. Monetising API's will be the future, we at The Digital Fifth train on how to build an API economy - in our Open Banking Masterclass. You should check that.

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