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We are Missing Steve Jobs in Banking

Competence has been the biggest cause of disruption

“It’s not incompetence, but competence, that causes companies to be disrupted. That applies to big companies and small, as well as people too.”  – Clayton Christensen

Competence has been the biggest cause of disruption. As we grow into our corporate roles, we get competent at what we do… And then the organisation expects to do more of what we do.

This eternal loop of positive feedbacks creates “experts” out of us, who are competent in a silo of the organisation. This can be a Sales Role, Tech Role, Ops Role or whatever. We start carrying some fancy titles as well like VP, COO, CEO, CTO… As we become more competent, we become more rigid in our approach. We get more and more protective about our turf.

In a world, where Nokia, Kodak could not survive, it would be incorrect for us to maintain this rigidity.

World is changing too fast with

– Mega changes pushed through Regtech, Fintech, Insurtech, Govtech (specially true of Indian govt)

– changes pushed by powerful technologies likes Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, API, Robotic Process Automation and what not.

Its time to forget our silos. Get ready for the change.

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