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Are you interested in higher revenues and enhanced customer on-boarding through Digital?

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Digital & Fintech Consulting

The Digital Fifth is India’s First Digital & Fintech Consulting Firm focused on Fintechs, Regtechs, Insurtechs, Banks and Financial Institutions.

Fintech Partnerships

The Digital Fifth runs Open Innovation Framework for creating partnerships across Fintechs and Financial Institutions.

Fintech Training

The Digital Fifth trains Fintech, Banks, NBFCs, Consulting firms on Financial Technologies.

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Welcome to The Digital Fifth

We have created our niche consulting firm by utilizing decades of experience in designing Product and Technology of leading banks in US, Europe and India.

Fintech Consulting on Call

Consult for critical Digital Initiatives over call.

Open Innovation for Business

Drive innovation through market making events, where potential partners meet in face to face sessions.

Fintech Scouting

We support investors in reaching out to startups for seed funding / pre-series A funding.

Corporate Training

Train employees through intense workshops

Speaking Opportunities

Sameer is an active keynote speaker and has travels across India and outside to share insights on Fintech.

The Digital Fifth works closely with Copenhagen Fintech Association for partnerships in India

If you are interested in partnering with Danish Fintechs, please reach out.

The Digital Fifth works closely with partners in Middle East

If you are interested in partnering in this region, please reach out.

The Digital Fifth conducts B2B sessions across industry segements like AI / ML, Lending etc

If you are interested in joining in these events, please reach out.

The Digital Fifth : Consulting, Partnership & Training

The Digital Fifth is a Fintech Consulting and Delivery firm with focus on banks, NBFCs, Wealth Management, Mutual Fund, Insurance and Fintech.

We pride ourselves on identifying customer’s challenges quickly and aligning start-ups to address them, always keeping on top of our mind your business's need for minimal disruption and maximum impact.

Founded in 2017, with the vision of offering digital consulting for Financial services, The Digital Fifth has become a leading Fintech Consulting company. We've been helping businesses for over 18 months, both here in India and internationally. We know the Indian start-ups landscape, we know Indian Financial Services, and we understand collaboration needs between banks & start-ups.

Since its inception, The Digital Fifth has broken new boundaries and created an exclusive space for itself by becoming a consulting firm like no other where people, technology and the world of finance are brought together in harmonious unity.

We have trained more than 1000 professionals and students on Fintech and Digital Transformation.

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What are the benefits of working with The Digital Fifth?

Real Nimble Simple & Frugal

The Digital Fifth has been able to create business impact across segments:

  • Improved Technology Delivery and Business Alignment for a Lending Fintech in India
  • Helped a Regtech in partnering with NBFCs
  • Enhanced Fintech skills of Leading Consulting Firm in the country
  • Helped Copenhagen Fintechs in acquiring customers in India
  • Helped several startups in reaching out to Banks and NBFCs
  • Mentored startups across segments
  • Consulting
  • Innovation
  • Mentoring
  • Partnership
  • Funding
  • Fintech Masterclass for Banks & NBFCs
  • Fintech Masterclass for Consulting Organisations
  • Fintech Blogs
  • Fintech Influencer List
  • Fintech Ecosystem Insights
  • Fintech Podcast
  • FIntech Influencer
  • Policy Making
  • Keynote Session
  • Panel Discussions

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