BHIM / UPI Juggernaut started in last August and has started showing up in many places in our life. We can use it in daily life for paying to our beneficiaries or to utility providers. This can also be used for paying to your biller through payment gateways. To make it even more interesting, we can even collect from our relatives through the system, without calling and asking!!!

Just did one transaction for Reliance Energy Bill Payment. Loved the ease with which I could pay…  That too with added security of NOT entering my password on Payment Gateway.

In summary, UPI platform can be used for:

– Making payment to beneficiaries (like your friends, relatives)

– Making payments to billers (like Reliance energy, Vodafone)

– Collecting money (from anyone)


Experience UPI transaction by Downloading UPI app of any bank OR BHIM app.

Welcome to cashless economy.

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