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No Sector or Industry would have experienced the growth it has seen without a few key individuals to influence it. These individuals have helped push the limits and explore uncharted waters. Over the past year, the fintech industry has seen a dramatic shift towards digital.

With the ongoing pandemic, people have shifted their activities and transaction to make it entirely online. And under the guidance of these influencers, the Fintech and BFSI space has not only kept up, but surpassed the expectations in terms of keeping up with these shifting needs. In order to call out a few of these individuals and give then the honour they deserve, The Digital Fifth has curated a list of India’s Top 30 Fintech Influencers from across the Fintech and BFSI space. This list has been made based on their contribution to the Fintech ecosystem, the impact and knowledgeability rather than their social media score.

Check out The Digital Fifth’s Report on Top 30 Fintech Influencers 2021 & The Indian Fintech Ecosystem

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