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Technology setup and unit works well when

It is not easy to build one of the best technology team which drives changes to impact business to achieve their goals but it is not difficult also to build such unit..

Technology goals are aligned with business goals – To make technology unit to succeed, it has to be completely mapped with business strategy, and not run as individual agenda and wish list

Runs as integrated unit- when silos are created and kingdom made, things start breaking down and it severely affects performance of technology initiatives as transformation cuts across all units and all need to work together

Governance is part of day to day business- Running technology setup and Risk & governance go hand in hand; so it can not be one time agenda in 3 months/6 months; Governance needs to be embedded fully to day to day technology management

Eyes on future- in days of ever and fast changing landscape, it is critical that initiatives are aligned with future and new technologies are adopted well on time

Keep in breaking status quo- you can not run successful technology unit in today’s age through old and same mindset… it needs to keep changing and fresh thoughts need to introduce

So how do you create and build technology setup and unit which continuously generates results at fast pace…

Key principles to be followed to redefine landscape to build best in class technology setup:

  • Build Technology & digital strategy directly out of business strategy book; and keep visiting it again at every 3 months
  • Realign team with focus purely on Technology Initiatives & goals; success of organisation matters more than individual
  • Build Governance structure and review mechanism embedded into whole technology projects & operations
  • Create learning mechanism to ensure new emerging technologies are well adopted
  • Critical units like development, digital, architecture should be in-sourced as these drives transformation
  • Align new age technology partners (Fintechs, new age tech firms etc) on critical initiatives as lots changing outside office setup

Shashank Shekhar

Head of Consulting

The Digital Fifth

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