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Setting up Lending Fintechs / NBFC : Where to start? Part 2

– Can we create new customer product / service, which will drive consumption?


We have to devise unique products / services, which will drive customer on-boarding as well as usage. Even if the product is not new, we can redefine the product by working on speed, costs, friction, customer segment etc


Few potential products may be:

– Seamless Lending on E-Com Platform for Customers

– Lending on E-Com Platforms for SMEs

– Invoice discounting in Open yet Trusted Platform

– Lending via POS devices for bank accounts

– Lending via UPI collect

– Lending on “NEFT / RTGS rejection”


Examples of new customer product already in the market are

– Line of Credit given to Retail customers by MoneyTap.

– Frictionless delayed payment product by Simpl.

– E-Commerce lending by Zestmoney

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