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The Digital Fifth is excited to announce the launch of the India Fintech Report-October edition.
Beginning with the history of India’s credit information system, the authors describe the relevance and advantages of the Public Credit Registry (PCR).
Further, the report discusses the current Indian OpenBanking Ecosystem and the importance of prominent BFSI players of the industry, in the growth of a comprehensive banking ecosystem over the preceding 5 years.

Bringing to the forefront of the funding snapshot for the month that was, the report highlights some prominent deals that took place during such a period.
Additionally, the report reasons with the patterns resulting in the distribution of funding across sectors, evidencing the same with relevant news articles.

This issue also contains an interview with Nitin Agrawal, Co-founder of Orowealth where he briefs upon the future of the Wealth management industry in the country.
Concluding with the basics, the team has broken down complex terminologies and explained them elaborately to help the readers understand the same.

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