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In light of the resounding success of our 2020 edition, The Digital Fifth is proud to launch India Fintech Report 2021.

This report provides an overview of the fintech ecosystem of the country and how it has evolved over the past year. We have also analyzed the Fintech Funding Deals and Major Acquisitions that have happened in the year.

2020, despite being a year of global economic slowdown has witnessed an astonishing amount of new Digital and Open Banking Initiatives that happen across the fintech space.

We have also included a list of Predictions for the year 2021

Table of Content 

  1. India Is Becoming the Fintech Hub of the world
  2. What is the best strategy for open banking and how to implement it?
  3. Comprehensive Funding Analysis
  4. Top Open Banking Initiatives in the country
  5. Big Techs and Open banking
  6. Key Acquisitions of the year
  7. Key regulatory changes of the year
  8. Top 30 India Fintech Influencers 2021
  9. Indian Fintech Landscape 2021
  10. Indian Digital Lending Ecosystem 2021
  11. Indian Open banking Ecosystem 2021
  12. The Digital Fifth Fintech School

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