For driving agenda of Digital Transformation and building up stack of digital projects which could include API driven integration, RPA, AI/ML based projects; people become core to success of the project. Key aspects of people skills make or break success are

  • Ability to visualize through problem statement & solutioning 
  • Work through stack of available technologies to pick right set of solutions 
  • Able to lead from front, and adapt to new situations 
  • Continuously thinking through and focus on execution 
  • Entrepreneurial approach to planning and execution 
  • Approach such as Agile and Devops become handy 

So, in this situation what should be strategy for organization to hire right skill sets…

Should it be traditional approach of hiring through 

  • Campus based recruitment as per Skill demands, or 
  • Lateral recruitment, referral program & degree based, or  
  • Retention program based on cross functional rotation, skill enhancements 
  • And based on traditional interviews 

Or , it needs to have different approach of hiring which should include 

  • Hackathon/ Accelerator program led recruitment
  • Acquihire opportunities (For example Deutsche Bank acquiring Quantiguous Solutions)
  • Retention programs mapped to exposure to new partner/startup ecosystems 
  • Hiring goes beyond similar business Domain

It becomes obvious to adopt different approach to build sustainable model of digital transformation to deliver results. 

Shashank Shekhar

Head of Consulting,

The Digital Fifth

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