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Our report for the month of May is a comprehensive guide for digital transformation. From assessment to key focus areas, to Impact, it talks about the end-to-end journey that an organization has to go through during the transformation process.

The Covid Pandemic has changed many things, it has provided a major push towards accelerating the Digital Transformation Journey of Financial Institutions. Many have gone back to the drawing board to redraw digital strategy and the future transformation landscape. Banking is at the tipping point towards moving from partly digital to fully digital but there seems to a big gap in defining “fully digital” and getting the right answer to this is a step forward in the direction of digital.


  1. Fintech Funding In India – April 2021
  2. Improving The Health Of A Bank By Going Digital
  3. Digital Banking Explained
  4. Building A Road Map For Digital Transformation
  5. Hr In The Age Of Digital Transformation
  6. Improving Efficiency Through Design Thinking
  7. Demystifying Different Types Of Kyc For Financial Institutions
  8. News Hour
  9. Elevating Financial Services Experience With Simplified Customer Onboarding


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