When I meet professionals aspiring for setting up their Startups, I always ask “Do you have Cofounders with you?”

If they don’t have co-founders, I always advise them to find co-founders with complementary skills even before setting up their businesses. It is not easy to find someone who would have similar dreams as you have and is also willing to take risks. However, getting partners along in a tough journey ahead can be of great help.

Why cofounders?

– The fun of working with friends

– Better decision making

– Wider coverage of areas like product, sales, tech, finance

– Emotional support through ups and downs

When I started my journey as an entrepreneur, I decided in a spur of a moment as Mr. Modi spoke about digital via demonetization on 8th Nov 2016. I have realized the need for cofounders along the way as I have battled with just self to keep pushing the agenda.

I have been lucky to have Rudrabhatla Sreekant and Shashank Shekhar joining us as cofounders in this journey.

Sreekant has been a dear friend from Class VII and is a sales and media expert, an area where my skills have been limited. With him driving Sales & Partnership, we have grown multifold as he has brought his sales acumen to the business.

I had the opportunity of learning from Shashank in my earlier role and was amazed by his deep skills across diverse areas like Digital and Open banking, security, infra and governance. He has been leading consulting for us and has been helping in widening our client base across India, Middle East and South East Asia.

Together we have been dreaming bigger and executing better. While I did not do it right from Day 1, I urgent each one of you to build your team much before you start your journey.

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