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Digital Strategy Consulting

Digital strategy is the key to unlock the potential of banks, NBFCs and fintechs in the digital age. we help them create value, delight customers and stay ahead by using data, analytics, technologies and partnerships.

A small finance bank aimed to establish a collaborative partnership with a digital finance advisory firm. Their primary goal was to engage in a comprehensive review and redefinition of the bank’s digital strategy. The objective of this partnership was to jointly develop and implement an effective digital strategy that aligns seamlessly with the bank’s specific business goals and objectives.


Benchmarking Existing Digital Initiatives: Conduct a thorough assessment and benchmarking of the bank’s current digital initiatives against industry standards and market trends. Identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

Building a Futuristic Roadmap: Develop a forward-thinking and innovative roadmap for the bank’s digital initiatives. This roadmap should incorporate emerging technologies, market trends, and customer expectations, ensuring the bank remains at the forefront of digital transformation.

Defining a Timeless Digital Strategy: Craft a robust and adaptable digital strategy that will withstand the test of time. This strategy should be aligned with the bank’s long-term vision and business objectives, providing a solid foundation for sustainable growth and competitiveness.

By fulfilling these expectations, the digital finance advisory firm aimed to support the bank in enhancing its digital capabilities, staying ahead of the market, and achieving long-term success in the digital landscape.

Our Approach

Engaging with Top Management: Collaborating closely with the bank’s top management to gain a deep understanding of their expectations and vision for the bank’s digital journey. This involved aligning our strategy with their overarching goals and objectives.

Future Landscape Analysis: Conducting a comprehensive analysis of the future landscape in digital banking, including emerging trends, technological advancements, and customer expectations. This helped us gain insights into the digital positioning required for the bank to stay competitive.

Reviewing Current Strategy: Evaluating the bank’s existing digital strategy and aligning it with their overall business goals. This involved identifying areas of strength and areas that required improvement to optimize the bank’s digital capabilities.

Assessing Business and Technology Landscape: Assessing the current business and technology landscape of the bank to understand its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This assessment provided a foundation for developing an effective roadmap and strategy.

Digital Maturity Assessment: Developing digital maturity assessment parameters specific to the bank’s needs and conducting a comprehensive assessment. This evaluation helped identify the bank’s current digital maturity level and areas for enhancement.

Roadmap and Strategy Development: Utilizing the insights gained from the previous steps, we developed a roadmap and digital strategy tailored to the bank’s specific requirements. This roadmap encompassed the key initiatives, milestones, and priorities for the next two years.

By following this approach, we aimed to provide the bank with a clear and actionable roadmap, enabling them to enhance their digital capabilities and achieve their digital transformation objectives.


Current State of Digital Readiness Report: This report provided an in-depth analysis of the bank’s current digital readiness. It assessed the bank’s existing digital infrastructure, capabilities, processes, and resources, highlighting areas of strength and areas that needed improvement.

Digital Maturity Assessment Report: This report presented the findings of the digital maturity assessment conducted for the bank. It evaluated the bank’s maturity level across various digital dimensions, such as strategy, customer experience, technology, and innovation. The report identified gaps and recommended strategies for advancing the bank’s digital maturity.

Digital Banking and Market Trend Report: This report focused on the latest trends and developments in the digital banking industry and the broader market landscape. It provided insights into emerging technologies, changing customer preferences, competitive landscape, and regulatory considerations. The report served as a foundation for the bank’s future digital strategy and roadmap.

Digital Vision Document: This document outlined the bank’s digital vision, encompassing its aspirations, goals, and desired outcomes for the digital transformation journey. It articulated the bank’s strategic direction and highlighted key focus areas, such as customer experience, innovation, operational efficiency, and market differentiation.

These reports were presented to the bank’s top management, enabling them to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current state of digital readiness, identify improvement areas, align their vision with market trends, and establish a clear roadmap for their digital transformation efforts.


  • The bank had a well-defined digital strategy document in place, outlining its vision, goals, and strategic direction for digital transformation. This document served as a guiding framework for the bank’s digital initiatives.

  • Senior management buy-in was obtained, ensuring strong support and commitment from the top leadership to drive the digital transformation efforts. This buy-in was crucial for creating a conducive environment for seamless implementation of digital initiatives.

  • The bank had identified and defined specific digital transformation projects that it needed to undertake. These projects were aligned with the overall digital strategy and aimed to enhance various aspects of the bank’s operations, customer experience, and digital capabilities.

  • Furthermore, the bank recognized the importance of restructuring and rebuilding its existing systems to support its digitization journey. This involved modernizing and optimizing the bank’s infrastructure, processes, and technologies to enable the successful implementation of digital initiatives and to keep pace with industry advancements.

  • Overall, the bank had a comprehensive approach towards digital transformation, with a clear strategy, management support, well-defined projects, and a focus on restructuring existing systems to drive its digitization journey effectively.

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