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Benchmarking Services

Are you ready to take your digital game to the next level? We can help you benchmark your digital maturity against the best in the industry and show you how to close the gap. Whether you need to upgrade your digital strategy, capabilities, products, or customer experience, we have the know-how and the tools to help you excel.

After launching a Digital Banking product, a small finance bank recognized the importance of industry benchmarking to enhance its digital services and improve customer satisfaction. Witnessing the exceptional user experience and personalized solutions offered by new-age fintech companies, the bank made the decision to embark on a transformative journey, revamping its digital offerings to prioritize customer-centricity.


As consultants, the bank has entrusted us with the task of benchmarking their digital offerings against leading banks and fintech companies. Our objective is to assess the features, user experience, and customer journeys of these offerings. Through this comprehensive evaluation, we will identify the strengths and weaknesses of the bank’s existing digital services. Our ultimate goal is to develop a roadmap that will guide the bank towards becoming the industry or segment leader within the next three years.


  • Identify leading Digital Banking Platforms from both banks and fintech companies that excel in customer engagement and experiences.
  • Compile a comprehensive set of features across various product segments, such as assets, liabilities, cards, insurance, wealth, etc., for benchmarking purposes.
  • Map out customer journeys for different products, considering both existing customers and new customers.


  • Develop a scoring mechanism based on feature functionality, engagement, ease of use, user experience, and other relevant factors. This model assigns scores at both the product and overall platform levels.
  • Conduct the benchmarking activity, capturing feature-wise outputs and user experiences for each product and platform, and assigning scores accordingly.
  • Analyze customer journeys for the identified products, breaking them down into steps, interventions, convenience factors, and other parameters. Compare these journeys across different banking platforms.
  • Identify areas of strength, as well as gaps or areas for improvement, based on industry best practices observed across various platforms.
    Present innovative opportunities for the digital banking platform to enhance the next level of digital banking experience and engagement.


  • Develop a roadmap for the digital banking platform based on the qualitative and quantitative data gathered.
  • Utilize the extensive expertise of our team to create a platform roadmap and strategy that includes prioritized digital initiatives and execution timelines, focusing on areas of improvement.
  • By following this approach, we aimed to provide comprehensive recommendations and a clear roadmap for the digital banking platform’s enhancement, leveraging industry-leading practices and delivering an exceptional digital banking experience.

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