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Banking in 2025

Given the pandemic and the lockdown that followed after it will lead to a transpicuous differentiation between banks with good digital capabilities and banks without digital capabilities. It is common knowledge that the future of the banking industry rests on the ability of bankers to provide better digital experiences to customers through great digital offerings.

It may even be accurate to say that COVID, despite wreaking havoc on the global economy, has helped banks achieve more digital transformation in the last year than they have over the past decade.

Keeping in mind, the radical transformation that banking is going through, The Digital Fifth is Proud to launch our Report on Banking in 2025.

Table of Content

  1. Fintech Funding in India- March 2021
  2. Indian Digital Banking Ecosystem
  3. Digital Transformation in banking post COVID
  4. Fintech is the new template for success in Banking
  5. Understanding Video KYC
  6. Improving Financial Inclusion at the Grassroots level
  7. Applicants for New Umbrella Entity Licenses
  8. News Hour
  9. Indian Fintech Ecosystems


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