– Market was never waiting for you to become an entrepreneur, so why would you get a reception of a super star

– Your skills may not be as holistic as you may be thinking. As an entrepreneur, you have to be an expert in sales / delivery / customer engagement / finance / hr. It takes time to even get some hold on these areas.

– Getting first customer / first product / first revenue may take a lot of time. As a buyer you may not even buy from early stage startup, so why expect anything different.

– Your target customer set / product / service may need changes. Be humble to tweak the business model to take it forward rather than sticking to your fixated idea.

– Don’t focus too much on your excel based projections. These are just mathematical numbers, which need to be aligned with real world.

– Hiring / Funding may appear to be easy as you may in touch with many before starting the venture. However things may change when people have to sign dotted line.

Enjoy this journey of freedom. Just junk your ego on the way. Ego is injurious to business.

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