– Move more customers to channels: Do a focused and daily exercise of moving customers to digital channels. Your digital channel usage must grow to reach 95% of overall usage.

– Increase services: Add more services to each channel in continuous way.  Check all services availed by customers in Call centre and branches & then add it to each digital channel. Ensure that they are done online.

– Reduce the error rates / make it available 24X7: Most of the errors faced by customers are visible within the system for validation (either reports or logs). These errors need to be checked and must  be fixed.

– Reduce the number of clicks: Ensure that number of clicks are reduced to a bare minimum. Even login screen of one of the best bank is hidden behind 3 clicks!!!

Sounds too simple… There is nothing intellectual about these hacks and these will create massive impacts on P&L, Customer Satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction…

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